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Faith Visitation Manager

When discussing the Visitation Manager with a ministry leader of Lifeway Christian Resources FAITH Sunday School Evangelism ministry we were told the Sunday School class was the core of the Faith ministry. With this concept in mind we redesigned the Visitation Manager to include the Sunday School class and team concept. These teams do not have to be Sunday School classes, they could be any church ministry group that has an evangelical mission.

One of our patron churches has committees. A letter writing committee and a telephone committee as well as small groups that visit each prospect.

Outreach Prospects

Church Members

Prospect Information

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Outreach Prospect Listbox

Scheduled visits can be assigned to more than one prospect at a time by using our multi-tagging feature.

Update prospect window

The last visit date and the next visit date are maintained for the individual on their update window.

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Scheduling a Visit

Below is the faith schedule for June 21, 2004. The information includes the name of the prospect, the assigned team.

Using the Saved Query option allows the person planning the visits to select a city and/or a zip code to have a teams scheduled visits near by thus saving time and gas.

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Prospect History

Enter the date of the visit, the team and the team leader. This may not seem like much but each visit record will build a useful picture of the prospect over time. One churches pastor told us a prospect he had visited many times commented that church was not going to let anyone fall through the cracks. This was just after he prayed to Jesus asking for forgiveness and to be saved.

Prospect visit history
In the memo field enter the important information gathered after the visit using the hand written notes from the Detail Sheet.

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Member Information

A new ministry member default data fields are status, active, and Date Joined.  The gender and ministry level default to female and learner.

Team member listbox

Additional information is suggested.  Telephone number and email address are examples

Team member update window

The Last Attended Date can be entered and edited using the keyboard but will normally be updated using the Attendance Tracking function.
The name and completion date of each Faith class completed is also maintained here.

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To easily track the attendance of each team member simply enter the date of the last Faith meeting.  Then mark each member who attended.  Use the record marking feature described elsewhere in this manual.  When all are marked click the Update Marked button.  The program will automatically change the Last Date Attended field for each of the marked ministry members.

Track team member attendance

If the Track Attendance feature is turned on the ministry members shown in red have been absent equal to, or greater than the number of weeks defined in the Church Information window.

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Team Building

The Team Builder Wizard is a tool designed to allow a church to easily add and remove ministry members from a team.
When a Sunday School class name is added the name is automatically added to the available team name list.

Team builder window

When a ministry member is added to a team that members name is removed from the available list.  A ministry member can only be on one team at one time.  If a team member is to be moved to another team they must first be removed from the current team.  Once removed the member is available to be added to another team.  The design of the program will not allow a ministry member to be on more than one team at one time.

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Training Classes

A great part of the FAITH Sunday School Evangelism ministry is teaching the FAITH method of evangelism.  There are a number of discipleship classes starting at the entry level.  As each ministry member graduates from a class his/her ministry record needs to be updated.  See Ministry Member Maintenance for more details.

Training classes

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