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Faith Visitation Manager Testimonials

Thank you for the FAITH Management Software!  It is a great asset to our
FAITH Strategy here at FBC of Oppelo, AR.  Clay Hallmark of FBC Marion, AR
gave me the web address for you guys and I downloaded the program the next
day!  God Bless You and keep up the good work!!

Gene Tanner, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Oppelo, AR

February 3, 2006
As a FAITH Evangelism Lead Teacher for LifeWay of the Southern Baptist Convention I am often asked about the kind of software a FAITH Church can use to administrate the overwhelming paperwork that comes with weekly outreach visitation. I encourage FAITH leaders and churches to go to and download their FAITH VISITATION MANAGER.

For the past year we have successfully used FAITH VISITATION MANAGER to administer the weekly prospect, ministry, and new homeowner visits for over 50 FAITH teams. We use the software for the following reasons:
            • The software is user friendly even for those with limited computer skills
            • The software uses language and terminology that are used in FAITH training
            • The Visitation Diary maintains an up-to-date record of previous visits
            • Teams can be assigned for specific visits in advance and dates can be assigned to automatic follow visits.
            • Both features for mapping the visit and building a mass email listing for all prospects are useful tools to the FAITH administrator.
            • Using the same software you can track and keep up with both prospects and ministry visits.
            • The software is affordable for any size church and once it is purchased you receive free upgrades for future versions.

The over 150 FAITH participants at First Baptist Church of Marion, Arkansas are thankful for easy to read and use visitation assignment sheets they receive each week. Using FAITH VISITATION MANAGER helps seal the cracks where people are often lost because of poor administration and paperwork. This tool has become a great partner for First Baptist Church as we go into the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are happy to promote FAITH VISITATION MANAGER on our FAITH resource website at


Dr. Clay Hallmark, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marion, AR.

I can't say enough about how helpful the RCL FAITH Visitation software has been to us. Although we do not use the FAITH outreach program we have adapted the program to fit our own visitation and outreach programs. For the first time in my ministry I can effectively track and schedule visits and not worry about losing cards and having prospects fall through the cracks. It is great also in that with each visit we have a running history of every previous contact. People seem more interested in going on visitation because its organized even includes a MapQuest map attached when address is hard to find. Thank you for developing the database and for your servant's heart for the ministry.

Pastor Philip Vos, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Hickory, NC.

I purchased your Faith Visitation Manager Software.  I am Evangelsim Chairman at Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I use the program to track the visitors to our church.  I give the list of visitors to our pastor. He can keep records on the dates that he visits them. I also print labels for all the mailers I send to the visitors.

Thank you for making my work a lost easier.  I love your software ! I find it very easy to use and you are always available to answer any questions that I have.

Thank you for designing a great product.

Rebecca West
Risen Christ Lutheran Church
10595 Highway 17 N
Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29572

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