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RCL Music Ministry

RCL Music Ministry was designed by music ministers to be used by music ministers.  We were blessed by a number of music ministers who took, and continue to take, an active role in the design and functionality of RCL Music Ministry program.

Brian Elliott, Minister of Music, at First Baptist Church, Oneida, TN. for commissioning RCL Software to develop the initial version of RCL Music Ministry in 2003.

We especially would like to thank Mark Brady, Music Minister, of Bethel Baptist Church, in Chesapeake, Virginia for the time spent explaining to us what the program needed and did not need.

Last but not least Karl Marzolf, Minister of Music, Pine Valley United Methodist Church, Wilmington, NC.  Karl not only helped develop the program design but is a dedicated beta tester.  I know his time is valuable and we are blessed he cares enough to help make sure we have one of the best music ministry programs available.



Choir Members

Maintain Songs

View the general information about each song listed plus the songs performance history.  Enter filters, design queries to view specific songs.  Songs are added, changed or deleted from this window.

Song List

Enter the lyrics for the song.  If there are lyrics you will be able to print a choir book of all songs for a specific performance.

Song update

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Each song has multiple fields and related information that allow the music director to maintain many details about each song. For example:
  • Bible scripture
  • Theme
  • Category
  • Copyright
  • Key
  • Orchestra part
  • Style list
  • Accompaniment list
  • Number of copies
  • Voice

The category, key and themes are all fields that can be used by the query designer to help you find all the songs that fit specific criteria.

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View all history for each song.  Using the search entry field combined with the filter option and locator type will allow you to target very specific information.  In addition the Saved Queries option allows more complex queries to be designed and saved.

Song history

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Maintain Collection

Song Collection maintenance is used to document what type of medium a song is stored.  The title of the album, name of the publisher, the value, the date purchased, the last date used and the total number of times the medium was used.

Collection list

The storage medium is a free form entry field which will not limit the type of medium.  Possible types are: CD or Tape, but with changes in technology there may be others in the future.  You can also view the collection and selected songs history. Access this read only information on the right side of the browse window. The list box at the bottom contains the individual songs on the CD or other medium.  The data fields are the track number, duration in minutes and seconds and the artist.

Collection update

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Adding a song to the collection tracks by clicking the Add button.  To change a tracks information click the Edit button.

Update collection track

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Worship Order

Understanding how to use the Song list is the heart of the RCL Music Ministry program.  It is here you will select the music to be performed on a specific date.  There can be any number of dates but only one can be maintained at one time

Song list

Enter a new date or select from the list of current dates.  Select one of the Ensemble and/or a soloist to filter the current data.

Song list update

See the user manual for much more information about the Worship order. There are too many details than can be explained here. It is through the Worship order that the history of a song, collection, and choir member is maintained.

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Member Info

Choir member maintenance contains the individual's information.  The required fields are first name, last name, street address, city, state and zip code. 

Choir list

Other important fields have to do with the person's talents and level or participation.  Is the person a vocalist, soloist and/or an instrumentalist?
All the remaining fields are optional, but most are helpful.  Telephone numbers, email address, birth date are some of these entry fields.
The date last attended is normally automatically updated by the Update Attendance function, but can be entered or changed manually.

Choir update

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Maintain all of the ensembles and their members that are part of the Music Ministry. Before a member can be added to an ensemble they must already have been entered into the choir roster.

Ensemble list

When entering a member to an ensemble you can also enter the individual's level of stewardship.

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The Update Attendance function allows the music ministry leader to track each individual's attendance but date.  Enter the date and select the persons who attended.

Choir attendance

Click on the Process button to update all the highlighted choir members' individual records with the date in the Last Attended field.

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There are many additional features included in RCL Music Ministry. We have not included them here because we believe the site would become to large and much to difficult to use. We suggest downloading the program, click the Try Now button, to evaluate and/or review the user manual.

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